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Consultations are free with an Appointment

Extensions:  $10.00 a Piece

Haircuts  $50-$60

Includes shampoo-conditioner-style Duration:  45 minutes-1 hour

Blow Out:  $35.00

Blow Out With Flat Iron or Curling Iron:   $45.00

Up:  $50.00-$65.00

Hair Color
We use CHI Ammonia and PPD Free Color

OM Semi-Permanent  Ammonia and PPD Free

Color: $65
Retouch:  $60.00
Semi Permanent:  $60.00
Ombre:  $85.00
Full Foil:  $100.00 /Partial Foil:  $85.00
Balayage:  $85.00
Blonde & Tone: $100.00
PPD Free Henna:  $60.00

Henna With Indigo, Amla, or Cassia-$65.00

PPD Free Plant Based Dyes:  $65.00-$90.00

Corrective Color: Price by quote

Please Note Corrective Color May Take More Than One Visit

Express Color Services

Part and Around the Face Touch Up Rinse at Home: $10

Part and Around the face After 3 Weeks From  Coloring : $25

Gray Coverage Color Application Rinse at Home $40

Color With Professional Formulation to Apply Yourself at Home $30

Perms:  Ammonia & Thiogycolic Acid Free Basic Wrap:  $100.00
Spiral Wrap:  $120.00

Body and Texture Wave:  $100.00

30 Minute Scalp Massage & Deep Conditioning Treatment $50.00

Style with Conditioning Treatment Add $25.00

Please Note:  Extra Charges May Apply for Long, Extra Thick Hair or Color Correction.
Our Products are Vegan and Cruelty Free